Our Quality

We are firm believers in producing quality products. Each one of our end products have been carefully handpicked and filtered manually. We spent months learning about the process of finding A-Grade stones for our facial rollers, differentiating natural quartz and artificial stones.

Natural quartz is a specimen found on the earth’s surfaces. This means that they will look rough and dull on the outside but once you cut into the rocks, its smooth and coloured form is revealed. All our stones started off as slabs of dull rocks. Then it went through multiple stages of grinding and polishing. Any discoloured, severely cracked and low clarity quartz was eliminated leaving us with the best of the best.

As a brand providing products that are used in close contact to the skin, we believe that only the highest grade quartz will provide the best qualities for our customers. In order to keep our quality in check we went to see where our materials came from and how they were transformed. 

In April 2018 we visited our manufacturers to hand select our stones.

Original form

In October 2018 we received our finalized products. Pretty amazing!

Final products
All products go through thorough quality check and cleansing.
Please note: For coasters and serving plates, there will be slight imperfections as these are hand crafted. We like to call it perfectly imperfect :)
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