Our Story

A jade roller was passed down through generations by one of the founders’ grandmothers. The facial roller brought longevity of good skin and it was its complete natural state that caught the founders by awe. A tool with no artificial materials and had the effects of improving human skin; they had to find out more. With that, it also became the beginning of their inspiration for Only About You.

Box description:
"Chinese medicine experts believe that jade is closely related to human health. According to 19th Century historical records, the Empress Dowager Cixi used jade as a pillow for a lifetime...Jade has stimulating massage effects on facial nerve acupoints, can promote peripheral nerve excitement, promote blood circulation, and slow down facial aging to achieve beauty."

The founders wanted to bring a tool of opulence into people’s beauty routine. Not only did they need to source the best materials, they also wanted to redesign the tool so that it would look great placed on people’s makeup desks or vanities. An item people are enthusiastic about placing into their handbags and add to their travel kits.

 As both founders are Chinese descents it made complete sense to introduce a product originating from their culture to the western society. They are proud to broaden their knowledge about natural quartz and extend this Chinese legacy into today’s modern beauty routines.
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