Milky Agate Coasters

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Personalised coasters are here!
Written organically in white calligraphy ink. The ink is permanent however if scratched abrasively it could still come off. It is not engraved. Please use them with love.

YOU’s luxurious homeware selection bringing you this natural milky agate beauty for an elegant addition to your home.

Natural agate, banded microcrystalline form of Quartz, comes multicolored, and its distinctive styles and patterns make every coaster special and unique. Each coaster is also electroplated with gold edging.

Set of 2 or 4 Natural Milky Agate Coasters

Uniquely shaped

Diameter 8-10cm

No two Agate Coasters being the same

Wipe and store carefully. Not recommended  to submerge in water.

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