Snow Quartz Facial Roller

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Snow Quartz

A clarity of the mind leads to clearer skin. Helping to control emotional outbursts, one’s emotions are released in a healthy and calm manner. Snow quartz assists with sunburned skin and infections (such a breakouts). For those constantly around technology it also cares for bad effects of radiation. This gentle gemstone promotes emotional stability hence also works wonderfully for migraines, headaches and motion sickness.

*also beneficial for breastfeeding mothers and women entering menopause helping with strength and stamina

Directions of use:

Post facial cleanse, use on cheeks, forehead, neck, under eye areas, eyelids, nose and chin. Utilize daily with your favorite serums and facial oils. The tool is also good on its own as it is naturally cooling. We like to use it throughout the day to ease tension under the eyes and around temple area. Particularly helpful if you’re staring at screens all day.

The Snow Quartz facial roller comes as a pair in their individual pouches. The handle tips double as accupoint pressure points for areas of your body that are in strain.

To clean: Simply rinse under cold water. Our frames are made of stainless steel so frames will not rust.

Tip & Trick: For a longer soothing sensation place roller in the fridge before use.


  • 1 large Snow Quartz facial roller
  • 1 small travel-size Snow Quartz facial roller
  • Instruction card showing which direction to roll
  • 2 Velvet pouches for travel 
  • Drawer box for storage

Snow Quartz sourced from Brazil.

*All stones are cut from its natural source, therefore colors and patterns will differ between each product

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